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How to Design Your Keepsake

How To Order

Ordering your own keepsake is easier than you might think!

How to Order:

  1. Browse through my products 
  2. Add your favorites to the Cart 
  3. Check out the Add-On Products, these are discounted as add-on products. You must have full-price product in your cart to purchase an add-on item. 
  4. Check out
  5. Send me a message explaining the inclusions you will be sending as well as a vision for your piece. Please include Order Number. 
  6. Send me your breast milk. 
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Each piece on my website includes breast milk preservation, 1 provided inclusion, and any customer-provided inclusions. 

Provided Inclusion Options:

  • Gold, Silver, Colored Flakes
  • Pearl Shimmer
  • Colored Shimmer
  • Color 
  • Stones: Obsidian, Sunstone, Aventurine, Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Fluorite, Amethyst 

Customer-Provided Inclusions Examples:

  • Hair
  • Flowers
  • Umbilical Stump Pieces
  • Placenta (must be prof... Learn more

Other Types of Keepsakes

I specialize in breast milk jewelry, but can create jewelry keepsakes from about anything. Common requests are ashes, sand, special occasion flowers, etc. The possibilities are endless! Before you order, message us with your jewelry vision and we will help you turn it into a reality.

Customer Reviews

Melodie Schmitt

I ordered a ring, earrings and a necklace and I love them all so much! I added shimmer to everything and they are just so pretty. I wear them all the time, and they are such nice reminders of the love and time that goes into mothering. I highly recommend Miranda. She's wonderful to work with and her jewelry is beautiful!

Mar 25, 2022
Jacee Christofferson

Working with Miranda was very easy! She is absolutely amazing! Even when there was a slight hiccup with my order, she was very transparent and went above and beyond to fix it!

I have yet to experience the joys of being a mom.. but with the help of my best friend's hubby and Miranda, we were able to collaborate on a beautiful set for my friend's birthday! She loved it so much she was moved to tears! (and so was I!)

12/10 when we have a little one of our own, I'll be purchasing again! Her work is gorgeous and I would highly recommend breast milk jewelry if you're on the fence

Mar 25, 2022
Bria Kessel

The piece I received is absolutely perfect and beautiful! I was incredibly impressed with the quality and care taken with the creation of my necklace and I will definitely be getting more items in the near future! Highly recommend to anyone that wants a great quality gift with a really special touch!

Mar 25, 2022


Does the Breast Milk have to be fresh?

Nope! As long as the breast milk is not discolored (from not being frozen), I can use it. A keepsake is the perfect use for breast milk that you can n... Learn more

Do you sell DIY kits?

Yes! When I first found out about breast milk jewelry, I wanted to make it myself and look where it lead me! Check out my Amazon listing here.

Questions and Designs

I am happy to help you with whatever questions you might have. If you've placed an order and would like to describe your inclusions, please list your order number.